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“[Those are] really sick and dangerous people.” On the contrary, attorney Joseph Gutheinz, the boy’s lawyer, explained to the Post that his client was the same age as his slightly younger girlfriend, he wouldn’t be considered a “sexual offender” by the law. “It defeats the whole purpose of the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ defense where you have two people relatively close in age and maturity,” said Gutheinz. “You would think the law would be more sympathetic as you go younger, because both parties are [emotionally] immature.” Be that as it may, Harris County Public Defender’s Office attorney Jackie Gravois revealed that she sees many cases like the teen boy’s come across her desk regularly, even though they are more than occassionally dropped by the state just as quickly. “I had that exact fact pattern that I fought for a year [and courts] end up dismissing it because, ultimately, everyone agreed it was a consensual act,” she offered. “Usually, if the prosecutors can prove that it was consensual and it was not forced in any way, they typically don’t file these cases or they end up dismissing them. [However], that’s going to be up to the discretion of the prosecutor.” In the boy’s defense, both his and the opposing legal team concur that the accused did not force the girl in way, shape or form to have sex with him, nor were there any acts of violence committed, physical or otherwise, to make the girl bend to his will. A teen boy in Texas could be added to the state’s sex offender registry after having consensual sex with his 12-year-old girlfriend. [Image by michaeljung/iStock] Additionally and consequently, as the boy and girl are both middle school students and therefore, in the same age range as one another, state attorneys might be hard pressed to actually receive a guilty verdict at the boy’s sexual offense trial. “[Judges] usually delay [sentencing] and send them to sex offender treatment [before making] a decision,” Gravois went on to add. Nonetheless, the boy’s mother remarked that her family has been “going through hell” since his arrest.

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iran-earthquake-map The quake hit at 10:31 p.m. local ชุดเครื่องนอน 6 ฟุต time on Saturday (13 May), and shaking caused extensive damage in several villages close to the epicenter. Based on data from the USGS, the quake occurred at a depth of 12.5 km, and resulted in very strong shaking in the immediate vicinity of the epicenter. While this level of ground shaking is strong enough to result in damage, because the majority of structures in this region of Iran are masonry and not capable of withstanding strong shaking, many buildings collapsed. According to the head of the local rescue and relief organization, 14 villages experienced up to 70% damage. Severe damage in Saturday’s M=5.8 earthquake in northeast Iran collapsed buildings and killed at least three people. (Photo from: Even though the USGS does not have a focal mechanism, based on the regional tectonics and surrounding geology, this quake likely originated on a strike-slip or thrust fault. It is unlikely to be a normal faulting event as this would require an extensional environment, which is not in line with plate motion vectors. Much of the compression in this portion of the Middle East is due to the slow movement of the Arabian Peninsula northward. Across all of Iran, compression has resulted in the formation of the Zagros Mountains in the south, and fold and thrust belts in the north. This Google Earth map shows the location of Saturday’s M=5.8 earthquake.

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