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Happy #GaneshChaturthi from theHuge Statue of Reclining Ganesha at Wat Saman Rattanaram Ganesha Temple,Chachoengsao,Thailand. #HinduismAbroad

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Tiger Temple to Reopen as Tiger Zoo

Attempts to bring the former Tiger Temple abbot to justice following the 2016 raid sputtered out. “Tigers may die when they’re repossessed. Also, the people in charge of these tiger farms are never taken to court,” Wiek said. “The National Parks Department check these places but they don’t have enough tools to enforce the law.” Kanjana Nitaya, director of the national Wildlife Conservation Office, Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation said by phone Wednesday that parks officials are readily investigating such establishments and maintain a database of tigers kept there. “We have a database of all the birth and death dates of the tigers in these places. We know how many are there, and also their DNA data and even their tiger stripe markings,” Kanjana said. “That way we know the status of each tiger and can investigate if we hear about anything going amiss.” Kanjana said park officials were unaware of any illegally operating wildlife entertainment venues. “Do you know of any? Please tell us.

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