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Mechanical Testing of Rubber

As rubber is a viscoelastic material, modulus and damping differ with deformation, frequency and temperature. By dynamic testing, the so-called complex dynamic modulus and the loss angle are determined. The damping is expressed as tangens for the loss angle (). Damping is a measure of the energy loss and of heat generation in the test piece. Rebound resilience is a fundamental property of rubber and it is also one of the oldest and simplest tests. The testing is usually conducted as a rebound test, in which a weight is bounced against the rubber, either in the form of a pendulum or a free falling ball. By comparing the height of the rebound with the original height, one can get a measurement of the energy that has been absorbed by the damping effect of the rubber. The results are generally given as the rebound height in percentages of the fall height. The two most regular devices are the Lpke and Schob pendulums. If a rubber test piece is stretched for a time and then unloaded, it does not totally retract to its initial length.

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